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We are an extension of The Waverly Project. TWP has created unique workshops & experiences for girls of all ages that inspire and empower girls to pursue their passions. Along the way, Founder, Molly Wills, has met some incredible women & has created some incredible things. Girl Class connects Waverly's mentor community to TEEN GIRLS, inspiring through video's, interviews, blog posts, D.I.Y.'s, baking classes, podcasts, makeup tutorials, recipe features, books clubs, etc. You name it, we will create it! We will have the most inspiring content for girls to date. More importantly, why did you give us your email? We will have monthly raffles and submissions for girls to be featured! 

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Are you in your mid 20’s, 30’s or 40’s looking for a community of women interested in leaving a mark on this world? Join below & we will be in touch with you!

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