what is girl class?

what is girl class?

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hi, my name is molly, i am the founder of waverly project & girl class, our newest extension of this amazing sisterhood and girl community. today, we have a lot of exciting news to share with you all. i have been writing to you for a while now, but as of today, we have one space dedicated to inspiring girls old enough to be on social platforms. lol. girl class. i am one of 5 editors who will be writing to you weekly touching on different topics; health & wellness, beauty, fashion, fitness, travel, business & life & most majorly… purpose. this girl class blog has a few features… but first humor me with a little history on the company.

girl class is for the girls, first and for most. girls that are somewhere in between having crushes, thinking about internships, going off to college and enjoy binge watching one tree hill. girl class has evolved naturally from the waverly project; a business and sisterhood that curates experiences igniting passions, inspiring with our original cultural & educational curriculum and illuminating purpose in girls hearts. girl class is a community of girls, girls that are curious about their futures and confident enough to ask questions. like, what is my part to play in the world? how can i leave this world a better, stronger, more connected place?

i have had amazing mentors throughout my life. honestly, i would not be writing to you today if it weren’t for several amazing women that have walked along side me, actively, cheering me on and encouraging me. i decided when i was 25 years old that i was going to quit my job in fashion & build a community of girls of all ages committed to supporting one another.

supporting girls and women is my passion. and this passion has evolved over the years as i too have evolved. i believe, that with strong leadership, pure experiences and empowering messaging, our sisterhood can change circles and lives. that is what waverly project & girl class embody. after one life changing conversation and a solid google surf, the waverly project became a real business 7 years ago. we have successfully created content and programs for girls in 1st - 5th grade. our next chapter? girl class. creating content and experiences for girls in middle and high school, all still, under the waverly project umbrella. our hope is to one day have a college brand which will then filter into… our active waverly mentor society. without our mentor society, waverly workshops and tours would not exist. so we thank all of you angels!! (you know who you are:)!

this leads me to the most exciting news. last summer i was sitting on the beach with my number 1 and she goes, “a conference, i think we need to launch our first conference.” so…HERE WE ARE! we are bringing to you this summer, a one day experience that will connect you to inspiring, successful women who will leave you feeling confident and empowered. buy your tickets today by clicking HERE!!!!!

we hope the conference and this blog, a collective, featuring editors between ages 14 - 100 will inspire you to dream really BIG. check out our girl class vintage feature which supports our teen programming. and our girl class dinners which allow teen girls to make waves in their communities by supporting our foundation and foundations close to their hearts.

if you are new, welcome to this community. we really do care about you and cannot wait to see what OUR future holds, collectively.

love, molly

why purple?

why purple?