how summer + body don't = YAY

how summer + body don't = YAY


Who wants a summer body?! 

My guess is that we all do…But seriously, what is the ideal “summer body?” A slender and slightly muscular stomach, perfectly proportioned arms and legs and a perky butt with boobs to match…? That’s probably what most of us envision when we think of that perfect summer look, right? (At least that’s what it was in my head for a very long time).

SPOILER ALERT — (and this is coming from the fitness professional) It ain’t possible. Unless you have some weird gene pool that gave you a life long six pack, no matter how many calories you think you can cut out, no matter how many meals you skip, no matter how many times you make yourself throw up, no matter how many SoulCycle classes you take, your body is what you were given. Forcing to make your body into something that it is not will only make that perfect summer bod goal a distant, unachievable thought. 

What the hell do I know though? I’m the fitness professional with a tight stomach, muscular arms and legs and a rock solid ass. It must be so easy for me to get into a bathing suit and feel good about it…right?

WRONG — I’m 25 years old and I have struggled with an eating disorder since the 8th grade. It took hitting rock bottom in college to fully understand what I’m telling you. (More on rock bottom later…) You name it, I did it. Starving myself, over-exercising, throwing up…whatever it took to be skinny, I was there for it. It wasn’t always to achieve that summer bod goal but it was more so about the type of control I had over my body (which I learned through years of therapy and something we will definitely talk about).

So, what’s my point? My point is that your body is totally different than your best friend Claire who happens to have legs for days, a flat stomach and perfect boobs and its never going to be that way no matter how hard you try. I used to hate when people told me “its about the way you FEEL in your body, not the way you look.” Eye roll. But it’s true. I used to weigh myself everyday, 14 times a day, just to make sure I was at a certain weight because that’s what I thought would make me FEEL skinny…But I never looked like that other girl… It’s kind of a funny to think about. How did I know that the girl I was comparing myself to was satisfied in her body? How did I know that she wasn’t starving herself or over-exercising to look that way? 

YOU DON’T — and you never will. Sorry that sounds a bit harsh but you truly will never be satisfied with your own body until you stop comparing yourself to the one next to you. You were made the way you were made and although you may feel dissatisfied and/or uncomfortable, take some time to really reflect on your own physical body and how YOU want to feel in it. Try something new, explore different avenues to figuring out what exactly it is that you are trying to achieve. Come take my SoulCycle class if you’re stuck on where to start! 

Feel good in your own body, not Claires. She’s taken! Thats how you’ll get that summer bod. 

p.s - can’t wait to dive deep into the world of body image. It took me YEARS to come out of something I thought impossible to conquer. This is only the beginning <3

Talk soon! H

p.p.s - don’t EVER be discouraged from reaching out or asking for help. I was never good at asking for help until recently...I’m always her to listen/chat — whatever it is that you need! 

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