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i am thankful for…

So I can't believe its already Thanksgiving 2018. How, why does time go so quickly? For me, the faster time seems to fly, the more intentional I want to be. I am trying to take advantage of every moment I have in a day. Like really think about what I am doing, how I am spending my time? Who am I talking to or NOT talking to. Everyday we have countless organic  opportunities to connect with people, places and create new memories, lasting relationships and make beautiful choices that fill up our cups so completely. Be awake, moment by moment. Step outside for a walk because you have an open window and don't know what else to do.Take in the fresh, chilly air. Make tea and sit with a book and learn about something new instead of turning on your TV. Go up to that long lost friend you just saw out of the corner of your eye. Talk to her, really listen to her. You never know what that conversation may lead to... 

As I start to think about my Thanksgiving table, who will take up all 14 chairs, I can't help but feel supremely grateful. Grateful for everything. Grateful for the grace I have received, day in and day out. Grateful for the friendships I have made over my 31 years in spite of my zany, all over the place personality. Grateful for my two hands that allow me to type out this letter to you. 

I can't wait for tomorrow. Another gift. Another day to say hello to the people I love and sit and chat with my family. Set the table with my mom and just take in the unknown moments that come. Free of controlling my moments and over -planning my moments, rather choosing to plant my feet in trusting that moments will come to me. I think by living moment by moment we feel more. We become more connected to our little worlds and can't help but feel tremendous amounts of gratitude. And gratitude? Provides a full healthy, happy heart. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!  

XX, Molly