girl class life

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i like to think of life like a camera. each morning we wake up. each morning as the sun hits our eyes we immediately cling to certain memories, thoughts, expectations and responsibilities. sometimes waking up is exciting and full of hope while other times we wish we could sleep, all day, and avoid whats in front of our lens. its OK. we are all humans who have good days and bad days.

where there is a camera there is light. where there is perspective, there is light. we have a choice to make. we can tilt our heads towards the light, in spite of what else might be in the picture at the moment! “perspective is everything” is my brothers personal motto and as i do life and experience sad days and happy days, i see the light in all of it. i do.

i just lost my baby kitty, who wasn’t such a baby. he was 5 years young who happened to have an internal issue i didn’t know about. i had to say goodbye very unexpectedly a week ago. teddy bear was given to me from a friend of mine…who has now become a soul sister. bear took our friendship down a more honest, real, open road and now my heart is a little bigger because of him. he gave me his heart and a real, real good friend. see, light. it’s there but sometimes we have to be open to receiving it no matter what the circumstances look like. what is your camera aka your perspective focused on? during this holiday season, take in extra light, cause i know it’s there. whether its the snow that falls to the ground or a warm yummy meal, my hope is that you are full of light this holiday season.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!