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Molly Says… look for the rainbows!

To know quiet 
is to feel the sun
and understand where rain comes from.

We move fast. Let me rephrase that, I move fast! Most days have their usual routines with a side of surprise. The most routine factor in my day happens to be moving fast. I have to check myself every single morning as my natural speed tends to be 100 MPH. I have learned from past train wrecks and experiences in order to feel the sun and see the rainbows, I must slow down.  

I was hanging with one of my GF's the other day and we both agreed with the fact that it's hard to seek quiet. It's hard not to feel lazy, distracted, guilty about sitting down and reading a book or taking the time to draw on your dining room table? WHY? These types of activities are what feed our soul and point us towards the sun! 

Personally, I am this confused ball of scary because on one hand I crave the sun and rainbows and peace, but on the other hand my mind seems to travel at the speed of light making it extremely difficult to just be. I think lots of us struggle with this, no? To make matters more layered, our "daily surprises" often leave us confused. I say to myself weekly, "OVER IT!"

What am I getting at? I think the trick to all of this is quiet. Stillness. Being alone, with yourself, letting your mind settle and be and wander. This time allows us to process the rain, the clouds looming or recognize the crazy rainbow we just experienced! Stillness brings peace and peace points to our sunny, rainbow like moments that create in all of us a sense of joy, hopefulness and connection! Here is to seeing SO MANY rainbows this week! 

XX, Molly