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I think because it's now officially September and Starbucks put out pumpkin spice lattes and I planted my mum's already, mentally, I am living in October. Living in October means I am ready for pumpkins on the porch and waking up to a chill in the air. I want to sip my coffee on my rocking chair with thick socks on and bundle up in a blanket. Seasons amaze me. Does that sound kind of weird? Maybe. Either way, I think every single human hopes for newness. I believe we were all born to evolve and that process creates inside each one of us a hope for change, a newness. We all tend to find ourselves in unexpected places at times and that's OK. Personally, I am thankful for those places. I think those unexpected places force us to dig deeper. They encourage us to find the strength within us to step out and pursue something new. 

If you scroll down I leave you with a quote from one of my favorites, F.Scott Fitzgerald. To summarize, his quote motivates us to never stop hoping for that thing inside of you that says, "There is more!" There is more. You, me, all of us have crazy potential, dreams, desires, gifts and talents. Don't ever doubt that for one second. Take this fall season to step out and do that "thing" that you have been putting off. Do it. Don't worry about what anyone will think or how it may turn out. After all, aren't the things that scare us the most usually the things that end up changing are lives forever? 

XX, Molly