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so often we hear words like amazing, brilliant, magical, spectacular, unimaginable. do we sometimes forget to grasp the depths of these words, their meaning and choose to harness the power they hold?! lets break down the word, unimaginable: beyond ones wildest dreams, unheard of, indescribable. what do you imagine for yourself this year? are you playing it safe...sticking to control verse stepping into what faith could bring? holding onto words that caused you some pain or even an experience you so wish could be wiped out? yes to all of the above for me!  

"make room in your heart for the unimaginable." stopped me in my tracks this morning. we do play apart every single day in our own journey. we have to make room. we have to say no to the negative thoughts, no to the lies, and yes to truth which is, the unimaginable can happen. it happens every day, all around us, and our turn can be next. my hope for you is that regardless of circumstances, you experience the unimaginable. my hope is that by releasing the old your heart will be replaced with unthinkable ideas, moments and relationships that will bless you over and over and over again! 

Happy NEW year, 

XX, Molly