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3 things …to maintain inspiration

i love quiet time. i have learned to cherish it actually. some of us may be more inclined to routine while others feel comfortable going with the flow. i am in the routine camp. i have my "go with the flow" sides but for the most part i crave structure and fluidity in my day to day life. I eat at the same time most days. i wake up every morning around 6 AM and meditate. i like routine. i think by adding a few things in our life that we prioritize, (outside of what is expected of us) allows for us to maintain a hopeful perspective and inspiration. think of things that are important to you. make a list. 1 through 3, listing out the 3 most sacred and loved things to you. Mine? 1. early mornings with quiet & prayer 2. physical activity outside! 3. books. i have to make time for my tea and my books. even if its 25 minutes. 

be true to who you are by listening to what your heart needs. it makes us better friends. better daughters. when your heart is full? 1. we worry less. 2. we give more. 3. we feel. when we are able to feel we are able to experience life in an honest way, relative to your own story. we can apply our feelings towards what we create, everyday. some of us create recipes, families, school-work, art, friendships. we all create everyday. stay inspired so that your creating reflects the truest version of you! 

Cheers to the best year. 

XX, Molly